The Household of God


Why do we celebrate Holy Baptism on All Saints’? The Book of Common Prayer historically suggests four feast days on which Baptism is appropriate: Baptism of Christ (First Sunday after the Epiphany), Great Vigil of Easter (Easter Eve), Day of Pentecost and All Saints’ Day (or the Sunday after). For the first three feasts, the associations are easy (Jesus’ baptism, the Resurrection, and the gift of the Holy Spirit). But what about All Saints’?

When we are baptized, we are, indeed, entering into full community with our local parish church, which is true for our baptism candidates today (Sunday, Nov. 2). However, the newly baptized are also entering into the great covenant community of those who have ever lived and worshipped Jesus Christ. St. Paul tells us that Christians are one community, one body – not only those who are alive today but also saints, martyrs, confessors, loved ones, and those known and unknown, all who now stand before the throne and worship God face to face.

Image: “Абраз сямічасны” by Хомелка – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution


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