And All That Jazz

jazz before baptism

Sunday, September 7 was our annual Parish Picnic, complete with an outdoor service for the 10:30 liturgy. I have casually called this annual Sunday “Picnic Church,” and fortunately or unfortunately, some have coined my phrase into regular usage. This year, “Picnic Church” was accompanied musically by some very fine Memphis musicians, a Dixieland band directed by trumpeter Jeremy Shrader.

Also known as “New Orleans jazz,” Dixieland bands began at the turn of the 20th century, and this music quickly spread to New York City and Chicago as early as 1910. The style comes from a combination of brass marches with other forms such as ragtime and blues. Instrumentation is very flexible, using some combination of a “front line” of trumpet, trombone, clarinet or saxophone, and a “rhythm” section of guitar or banjo, string bass or tuba, and piano and drums.

-David Perry Ouzts

Kids and tuba 1C


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